PVC Gutters Dublin- How To Hire a Gutter Repair Company

PVC gutters Dublin- How to hire a gutter repair company.

Despite slang use of the word ‘gutter’ connoting lowly, gutters are surprisingly important. One of the biggest house ownership nightmares is leakage. This uncontrollable running of water through-out places you do not need it to can make life incredibly tough. And the only solution for these issues is a properly installed gutter. 

How much do you face?

Bad or damaged gutters can lead to severe problems. Poor maintenance of gutters most often leads to the gutters getting clogged or breaking/ cracking in places causing issues with leakage and water pooling. 

Firstly, a clogged gutter can cause water to collect on the roof of your house. And this is nothing to scoff at because the amount of water is extraordinary. During rains, a 2000-sqaure-foot house can have up to  1200 gallons of watering hammering down on it. This large figure means that the amount of water that gets collected on the roof quickly becomes significant. In fact, this collected water can have put enough pressure on the shingles on your roof to create cracks and leaks. This leak will cause damage to the inside of the house as the water will collect and cause internal roofing to bloat and become unsightly. Dripping from the ceiling is another bad effect. Such a leak will effectively shorten the lifespan of your roof. Furthermore, water getting into the attic space will cause dampness, pooling, effect the insulation and damage stored items inside the attic.

Secondly, the excess water running down in places it should not can cause wood to rot. In houses that have wooden decks or patios, water forming from leaks on these surfaces will eventually lead to the wooden being permanently damaged. Another side effect is that when the wood rots, it usually becomes the home for many gross bugs and larvae. Not only are these repulsive, these bugs might also start chewing on other wooden items as well. 

Thirdly, leakages can cause stains on concrete walls and driveways. As water constantly streams down the sides of a house and into the concrete sidewalks or driveways, it can a create characteristic moldy, brown-greenish stain that ruin the look of the house and makes it look dirty. 

Next is the fact that the landscaping in your house will be compromised. The standing water will not only look ugly and defeat the purpose of the landscaping in the first place, it will also kill the grass and plant. Too much water can cause soil erosion and cause the roots of plants to rot, eventually killing the plants. 

Another issue you will have to face is basement flooding. If water is allowed to run down the sides of a house long enough, a quantity will accumulate in the basement of the house ‘flooding’ the basement. Also, when the water is not drained out properly, it can compromise the foundations of the building. The water can cause wooden parts of the foundation to rot away. It can also the soil under the foundation to ‘wash away’ resulting in a lack of support for your foundation. Collected water might also cause the soil underneath the foundation to expand and crack the foundation. When the foundation is damaged, repairing it becomes imperative as it is an integral part of the house. Repairing the foundation is not only expensive, it also permanently devalues the house and a ‘repaired foundation’ comes as an immediate red flag. 

Finally, the mold and other substances that breed in presence of the water can cause health issues. When there is standing water in the roof, attic, walls, basement, etc. it will help grow many kinds of mold that may cause adverse allergic reactions. Also water pools will become a breeding house for insects and mosquitos, becoming the reason for more diseases and discomfort.

What is the best option?

In a situation where there is a severe leak caused by problems in your gutter, the best option is to hire a professional company to fix the gutter for you. Professionals from such companies are efficient and do a seamless job of replacing or fixing your gutter.
You can
Contact – Tob Roofing and Guttering or leave a message at info@tobroofingandguttering.ie and get professional support for your guttering needs.
TOB roofing has over 30 years of experience, and in a situation of emergency, you can seek help at their emergency number-  085 2865 727.
Or if you are in the area, you can also visit TOB Roofing and Guttering at one of 3 places in 

  1. 314 Swiftwood Garters Lane, Saggert, Co. Dublin
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